What is Ascomy?
Ascomy is an online software that will create the most efficient distribution routes based on your business needs. Whether your daily routes require multiple stops, specific customer time windows, or avoiding toll roads, Ascomy will optimize your route schedule.

What kind of business is Ascomy made for?
Ascomy is made for all types of businesses! If you have vehicles transporting     goods to your customers, Ascomy will plan the most efficient routes for you while saving you time and money.

Can small businesses use Ascomy too?
Ascomy can be utilized by businesses of any size.

How do I use Ascomy?
Simply upload an excel file and begin working! Click this link to find out how to use Ascomy.

How will my business benefit from using Ascomy?
Some benefits of Ascomy include:
- Efficient daily route plans
- Money saved on fuel, labor hours, and operating costs
- Easier distribution management
- Convenient real-time tracking
- Easy-to-use driver app
- Cloud archiving of important documents
To see more benefits, visit our Key Benefits page

Why don’t I just use Google Maps or my GPS?
GPS Apps don’t plan your routes based on what specific vehicle you need, where your stops are, customer time windows, or your route preferences. Ascomy will do all this for you and more!

Can Ascomy manage pickups?
Yes, simply mark the pickups with the appropriate indication in your excel file, and Ascomy will incorporate them into your routes!

Can I make ASCOMY assign certain trucks to certain customers (Small Truck, Truck with left door, Truck with fork lift etc.)?
Yes! ASCOMY has a “Truck Capabilities” attribute that you can customize according to your available capabilities. You can then assign specific capabilities to the trucks and required capabilities for the customers.

Can I require an order to be assigned to a specific route?/Does Ascomy support working with static routes?
Yes, Ascomy supports static routing and will allow you to assign an order to a specific route.

Can a task or pickup be added even after the driver has already started their work path?
Yes, even after the driver has already embarked on his planned distribution path, tasks can be added for the driver via the real-time tracking board.

What if I need to add a stop at the last minute?
No problem! Ascomy allows you to easily add last minute changes to your route and automatically updates the route for your drivers to prevents delays.

Can I manually change a route?
Yes! Ascomy allows you to manually change routes on the map so you can visualize the changes before updating the route.

Will I be able to track and monitor my routes\trucks\drivers in real-time?
Yes! Your drivers can use the Ascomy mobile app to report their activities and provide their location to the Ascomy cloud. This information is always available to you on your Real-Time Distribution Dashboard.

Can the distribution manager receive automatic alerts for skipped deliveries or when a driver ends their route?
Yes! The system has a notification and alerts mechanism where you can configure various types of alerts.

Can Ascomy take into account a situation where the driver ends his day at home and does not return to the warehouse?
Yes. It’s possible for each driver to set their address and decide where their work route ends. Ascomy will then take this into account when planning your optimized routes.

I don’t want my drivers to use toll roads, is there a way to limit that?
Yes! Ascomy can limit/prevent the use of toll roads and U-turns, and it allows you to specify what you want a driver to do at a dead-end.

Will ASCOMY exclude roads that do not allow commercial vehicles? (Ex. New York State parkways)
Yes! The Ascomy system is fully aware of such roads and will not use them for your optimized routes.

Does the driver app work on Android and iOS devices?
Currently, the app is configured for Android devices only.

Does the Ascomy mobile app require additional payment?
Nope! The Ascomy driver app is included in your Ascomy package.

Can I set different permissions for different users on the system?
Yes, different user permissions can be set depending on which user is on the system.

Is a server installation required to set up the system?
Nope! The system is set up in the cloud without the need for expensive and time-consuming server installation.

How do I get started?
Call our sales team at:
USA and Caribbean(English): +1-469-666-1300
Mexico, Central and South America(Spanish): (506)-2506-3810

Sign-up for Ascomy
An Ascomy Project Manager will be assigned to you and will lead you step-by-step through preparing your excel file, setting up your account, creating trucks and drivers, and configuring the optimization to your exact needs. Your Ascomy Project Manager will also make sure you are comfortable during the process and that your optimization provides you with cost savings and increased efficiency.