Optimized Distribution Plan:

Create the most efficient routes for your distribution team AND evaluate route costs at the same time.
With Ascomy, you’ll spend a fraction of the time on distribution planning, while gaining countless benefits like optimized routes, lower operating costs, real-time route control, well-organized distribution workers, and so much more.

The Distribution Manager:

  • Full control of distribution process from start to finish
  • Save significant time & effort creating each delivery plan
  • Optimized distribution routes, avoids backtracking
  • Effective and fast, simple and informative loading plans
  • Ability to make last minute changes, and meet tight schedules
  • Real-time driver performance display system

The Drivers:

  • Organized Work Plans
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Decreased Driving Time
  • Effective and Efficient Driving Instructions

The Organization:

  • Cuts Transportation Costs
  • Eliminate Wasteful Practices
  • Significant reduction in planning time and efforts
  • Accuracy and increased customer service
  • Archived delivery documentation images

Your Customers:

  • Extraordinary Customer Service Enhancement
  • Faster Response Times and Speedy Deliveries
  • Ongoing Delivery Reporting
  • Customer Satisfaction Follow-up